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Machinery Safety Directive (MSD 98/37/EC)


The Machinery Safety Directive was published on January 1, 1993 and compliance with the regulations of the directive became compulsory January 1, 1995. Since then, no machine can be placed within the European Economic Area if the CE Marking has not been appropriately affixed.

The responsibility of classifying a product as machinery belongs solely to the manufacturer. The following definition for machinery is given in the Machinery Safety Directive: “an assembly of linked parts or components, at least one of which moves, with the appropriate actuators, control and power circuits, etc., joined together for a specific application, in particular for the processing, treatment, moving or packaging of a material.” Products which fit this definition are in the scope of the MSD 98/37/EC and must comply accordingly.


Compliance with the Machinery Safety Directive ensures higher protection for EU workers and citizens while encouraging the free movement of machinery within the EU. The requirements for machinery before being placed on the European market are as follows:

  • A Technical Construction File, a document which enables one to determine compliance with the directive, must be complied by the machinery manufacturer
  • A "Declaration of Conformity” (or for partially completed equipment, a “Declaration of Incorporation”) must be created by the manufacturer or the authorized representative
  • The CE mark must be affixed by the manufacturer
Note: Non-EU Manufacturers must appoint a European Authorized Representative within the European Community.

Amendment 2006/42/EC:

On June 9, 2006, Amendment 2006/42/EC was published relating to the Machinery Safety Directive. The Member States were then given until June 29, 2008, to augment and publish the adjustments to the directive as national law.

Compliance with the requirements of Amendment 2006/42/EC is required beginning December 29, 2009. Until that time, the regulations of the current Machinery Safety Directive will apply.

Note: Non-European Manufacturers are advised to appoint a European Authorized Representative in order to ensure compliance with EU Directives at all times.

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